Whether you’re a start-up or a long-established business, thoughtful, strategic design is an invaluable tool in helping you meet the goals you’ve set for your business.


Change Your

Some might see graphic design as little

more than hot air. Fluff. An extra that

isn't worth the expense.


But others know that well-executed design

can lift their businesses to new heights. It

tells the world about your unique brand and

its true value. Think about how brands like
Apple have harnessed the power of design.

Design can powerfully communicate your

message with a greater clarity and consistency.

It speaks to your professionalism and helps to establish trust. Thoughtful design is grounded in a strategy that considers who your customers are, places an importance on how best to meet their needs, and helps position your products or services where you want them to be to really thrive in the marketplace.


Design can help your business stand out and rise above the competition—and that can change your bottom line.

How Dreaming in Color


To Natural Intelligence

“As a new fabless semiconductor company working in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we came to Liz with a need to develop a company identity that would communicate our unique value proposition. Liz carefully listened to the explanation of our technology and our brand objectives. From selecting a company name to designing our company word and symbol marks, Liz was a true partner through every step of the process. She coached, consulted and ultimately designed an excellent brand that is receiving outstanding response from our customers. We could not be more happy with the outcome. There is no doubt Liz has helped add value to our new company.”


 – Paul Dlugosch –

President and CEO

Natural Intelligence Semiconductor


+ Design

My Approach

I want the work that I do to create success for you and move your business forward with rich possibility.


I believe the strongest design is grounded in thoughtful investigation and strategy. Like building a house, I want to build a great foundation first. That begins with a meaningful collaboration with you. I'm a listener and a learner, and I want to take time to ask you the right questions and really listen to what you have to say. With those important discoveries made, the ground is laid for an effective design that produces results.


One of my best qualities is in looking for opportunities to make the message and the design stronger, and the delivery on-target. I'll help you think about what you want to achieve with a fresh, outside perspective and one built on 20+ years of experience, bringing to light opportunities that you may not have considered.

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Design Bringing


October, 2016


19th Annual Sizzle Award


EXHIBITOR Magazine honored my work in October with their annual Sizzle Award. Learn how my bacon-scented t-shirt design and the campaign around this VMworld trade show giveaway created a social media buzz of over 31,000 tweets, increased trade show booth traffic, doubled the visiting time with attendees, and delivered a sizzling return on investment with a 48-percent increase in quality leads for Micron from the past year. The initial investment in the campaign was furthered successfully to a roster of later shows for several months as well.


Read the EXHIBITOR Magazine Article

See the Award-Winning Project

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The name Dreaming in Color Design came from the idea of possibilitythat thoughtful graphic design can transform what's possible for a business. I've seen that transformation take place over and over again, and it makes my work so rewarding.


Let's create new possibilities
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