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I love to learn and to share the things I've learned. This is a place to do just that—share with you those important insights that will make your business communications stronger and, ultimately, make your business more successful. I hope you'll visit often!

March, 2017


Is Design Worth The Expense?


This is perhaps the most common concern when I talk to business owners who seem to have the greatest need for good design. And it’s understandable. No one wants to throw money away, least of all a smaller business. So, the whole point comes down to this:


Can good design really grow your business? Is it a good investment?


Design can seem like something that would be "nice to have, but doesn’t really matter" on the list of things a business needs. But whether you invest in good design or not, you’re communicating something to...


March, 2017


What Does A Graphic Designer Do?


I often meet people who aren't quite sure what I do as a graphic designer. And if you haven't worked with a graphic designer before, you may be wondering why you would need to. Those are valid questions and I want to take a moment to shed a little more light on the topic.


While a graphic designer may share some of the same skills as a fine artist, the focus of a graphic designer is quite different. A fine artist may create work that comes from their individual point of view, and their work is enjoyed and prized for that artistic interpretation. A graphic designer....


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