Who is

 Dreaming in Color Design?


My name is Liz King.

Strategy+ Design

I'm a graphic designer, but I'm also an adviser with ideas about how to make your brand stronger and your message targeted and effective.


Bottom line:  I want to help you move your business forward.

Who I Am,

What I Believe,

and How I Work


AND What That Means for You

I have 20+ years
of experience

that I can bring
to your project.

I love getting to know people and I consider it one of the perks of my job. I think everyone has an interesting story to tell, and you'll find that I'm genuinely interested in your story. I want to learn about your business, your needs, your ideas. And I want to collaborate with you, using what I know and have learned to help grow the good things you've already started.


You'll find that I'm not just a graphic designer. One of my best qualities is that I have the ability to strategize about the bigger picture for your business, giving you a fresh, outside perspective built on 20+ years of experience, bringing to light opportunities that you may not have considered.


But I also believe in the power of getting the small details right as much as possible. It matters to me because those small details can dramatically affect the quality of experience your customers will have with your brand, and we want that experience to be nothing less than positive.


I love to learn new things. And what that means to you is that I'm finding new and better ways every day to deliver stronger work to you.


I am a dependable, responsible, do-the-right-thing sort of person. That might sound staid and boring to some, but to those I work with, it's a quality people tell me they value greatly. I can't promise you perfection, but my heart is in the work I do for you and I am invested in delivering my best.


More than 18 of those years were spent designing work for Micron: a global,
Fortune 500 tech company

See LinkedIn for More about my Education & career

I worked early in my graphic design career for a university, very briefly at a public television station, and moved into a Fortune 500 corporate job in the world of tech. I had the opportunity to work with an excellent global team and learn a great deal about not just practical application of design, but communication to external and internal audiences that were culturally diverse in the U.S., Europe, and Asia; marketing; sales; human resources (recruitment, wellness, benefit programs); charitable foundation programs; etc.


I left that wonderful job, stepped out into the unknown, and created something that I could take all I had learned and make it my own.


Dreaming in Color Design was born.

I have other areas of expertise and insight that also complements the work I do for clients. There aren't enough lifetimes to be good at everything I'd like to learn to do, but I can call on talented partners if a critical skill set is needed for the work I do for you.



While I depend on professional writers and editors to do the heavy lifting, I'm a capable copywriter. I wrote the content you've read on my site, and I often step into the shoes of a writer for my clients. So, never fear if you're struggling to find the right words for your project!

Knowledge of Gardening


I have been growing things longer than I've been a designer. While I'm not a horticulturist, I've learned a good deal about plants, soil, tools, etc., and can offer a depth of insight in the work I do for clients whose industry relates to gardening, conservation, etc.

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Added Value


The name Dreaming in Color Design came from the idea of possibilitythat thoughtful graphic design can transform what's possible for a business. I've seen that transformation take place over and over again, and it makes my work so rewarding.


Let's create new possibilities
for your business.

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